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Sanat Prozheh Toos (Danesh Bonyan) was founded in 2006. Its main specialty is designing, manufacturing industrial noise pollution control equipment, and giving professional advice in this field. One of the most important acoustic products of the company is in-line silencers for controlling the flow noise in CGSs and TBSs, which has been the result of extensive scientific and experimental research. Furthermore, this company designs and manufactures acoustic insulations and coatings, acoustic chambers, exhaust silencers, ventilation silencers, fan silencers, and vent silencers and provides clients with thorough technical documentation based on their interests, needs, and orders.
The company's products can reduce the noise of various sources such as regulators, control valves, valves, gas turbines, motors, steam turbines, compressors, ejectors, and other industrial pieces of machinery. Preparation of technical documents from design until construction - according to international standards - is one of the special features of Sanat Prozheh Toos Company. The company’s facilities such as its exclusive acoustic evaluation software and its test line for noise flow estimation contribute to its products' high quality.

Professional Experiences and Achievements

  • Employing experts in the field of acoustic and mechanical design 
    Utilization of professional and exclusive software for acoustic analysis of inline and vent silencers - SILE 
    Utilization of equipment for measuring sound pressure & intensity level (B&K instrument) and acoustic properties of materials
    Obtaining knowledge base certificate for the inline & vent silencers products from Science and Technology Vice – Presidency
    Having a test line for testing the flow and acoustic performance of in-line silencers and vents
    A member of the National Iranian Gas Company’s Vendor List
    Acquisition of technical unit permit of engineering service, design, and manufacturing of acoustic pieces of equipment from KSTP
    Earning the operation license and R&D certificate from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade for manufacturing noise control products
    Codification of  standards’ drafts for the purchase of silencers and acoustic design of TBSs for the National Iranian Gas Company
    Membership and chairmanship in preparation commission of Iranian National Standard number-15652 for structural acoustics 
    The company's products are nominated for numerous festivals including the Science to Action festival, the National Elites Foundation Festival, etc.
    Holding workshops and seminars on noise reduction strategies in refineries, gas companies, petrochemicals, and National Iranian Steel festivals and exhibitions

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