Acoustic Attenuator : Applications

Engine rooms, compressor rooms, small power plant rooms, in the fan path, and any closed chamber that needs ventilation.

To supply the fresh air required by the device, it is necessary to install a valve in the room or compartment around the device. This valve causes the sound to come out; Therefore, to prevent the spread of noise pollution to the outside, it is necessary to install a ventilation silencer (Acoustic Attenuator / Louver) or ventilation muffler on the air exchange valve.

This type of silencer allows air to pass through but prevents sound from passing. Ventilation silencers in any project can be Attenuator or Louver depending on the space and working conditions.
In Louver Ventilation Silencer, absorbent plates, or acoustic baffles, are angled to reduce noise and instead reduce the length of the silencer.

By knowing the airflow and allowable speed in ventilation silencers, the cross-sectional area of the flow in the silencer can be calculated. This limitation is because the adsorbent used (such as mineral wool and…) can last more than 10 years.

According to the amount of sound pressure calculated inside the chamber and the critical frequency of the device, the parameters of the ventilation silencer such as the thickness of the sheets and the absorber, the length of the sound absorbing channels, and the surface of each channel can be calculated to reach the desired sound outside.

If the silencer pressure drop causes a problem for the device, then with the amount of pressure drop and flow required by the device, the appropriate ventilation fan can be selected.

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